Home Security Systems: 4 Common Terms Explained

If you are looking at different security systems, you may encounter certain terms which aren't familiar to you. To make sure you get the best security system that meets your needs, it is important that you understand these terms.

Alarm event

An alarm event refers to any incident that leads to the alarm system being triggered. On some systems, an alarm event will only occur when the system detects that someone is trying to enter your home. However, more advanced systems may offer a range of possible alarm events such as water entering your home during a flood, carbon monoxide in the atmosphere or a suspected fire. In short, the list of alarm events covered by a home security system gives you a clear idea of what the system is designed to detect and protect against.

Cellular alarm monitoring

A home security system will normally be connected to a call centre. The staff in the call centre monitor the alarm 24-hours a day and will be able to call the emergency services on your behalf if they detect an alarm event. Typically, your alarm system is connected to the call centre via a landline telephone line. However, this leaves the alarm system vulnerable if intruders cut the phone lines. An alarm that has cellular monitoring uses the cell phone network to communicate with the call centre, which means that thieves will not be able to prevent the alarm system from sending out its warning signal.

Geo services

Geo services allow you to instruct the alarm system to monitor additional areas outside of your home. This is very helpful if you live on a large property and you wish to be alerted to any movement which is occurring at a gate or entrance way at the far end of the place. You may also wish to set up a geo monitoring service to protect any storage sheds or barns which are located on your property.


DVR stands for digital video recorder. If you have chosen to install CCTV on your property, you will need a recording system to capture the images it records. A DVR system will allow you to watch recordings back so you can check for any unusual activity on your property. It will also provide vital evidence in the event of a break-in. 

If you would like further advice, you should contact a home security systems company.