Electricians and Customer Satisfaction

Whether for maintenance, repairs or emergency work, most property or business owners have had to contract the services of a commercial electrician at some time. There can be few customers who do not experience a sense of relief when defects are resolved and power restored, or a sense of achievement when new wiring is installed correctly – or brittle, dangerous and inefficient old wiring made safe. 

Additionally, faced with rising crime statistics, businesses increasingly turn to commercial electrician firms to install or update their security systems. New technology has brought about the latest surveillance devices, motion sensitive cameras and solar-powered hardware featuring battery backup and online video archiving in the data cloud. 

When it comes to levels of satisfaction with electricians, what do customers think? Commercial and domestic consumers may be something of a captive market in Australia. Apart from the fact that busy professionals and companies may not have the knowledge or expertise required, Australian law requires that only licensed electricians intervene in building electrical systems. Even skilled do it yourself enthusiasts, however much experience they may have, are limited to little more than install antennas and change light bulbs. In other words, only a qualified domestic or commercial electrician may carry out work. This limitation is designed to prevent fires and electrocution by ensuring adherence to safe working practices.

Though rules vary from state to state, New South Wales regulations require an electrical license for all electrical work – regardless of the cost or whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. The definition of electrical work includes installing, testing, maintaining, repairing, altering, removing or replacing any electrical equipment.

So, might there be a 'take it or leave it' attitude on the part of commercial electrician companies? Interestingly, a survey carried out earlier this year (2017) found that electrician firms were delivering good customer service. The online poll sampled 1,000 opinions throughout the UK to discover which types of suppliers were most likely to receive recommendations. Investigators sought opinions relating to twenty property-related services from electrical maintenance and repairs to property refurbishment. Electrical firms received high ratings: nearly six in ten respondents (57 percent) reported that they had used electricians. Of these, two-thirds (66 percent) said they would recommend or use the same firm again. Conversely, satisfaction levels among estate agents, surveyors and damp proof course specialists were less encouraging; these sectors received lower confidence ratings of between 47 and 49 percent. 

Electricians provide a valuable service, which often involves responding to emergency calls following power outages. The resulting gratitude felt by many customers could (at least, in part) explain this relatively high customer satisfaction. Nonetheless, the positive results seem to confirm a clear professional ethos of commercial electrician firms working hard to meet clients' needs.