A Guide for Placing Security Cameras Around Your Residence

While there are many components you can invest in to bolster your home security, from alarm systems to motion sensors, none are as effective at recording evidence of a crime or intrusion into your property as security cameras. Although they were previously associated with commercial properties and celebrity homes, security cameras have steady made their way into residential properties all across Australia.

However, you should know that the effectiveness of your security cameras solely depends on where you place them. Thus, choosing the best position is just as important as selecting the right cameras. To help you make the best choices, here is a guide for security camera placement around your residence.

1. Determining the best placement for outdoor cameras

One of the foremost reasons why homeowners will invest in outdoor cameras is to deter potential intruders from breaching. Similar to the function of loud alarm systems, these security cameras will not prevent a crime from happening on your property. Nonetheless, their presence will make the opportunistic burglar think twice about robbing your property, as there will be camera footage to potentially identify them down the road. Therefore, when selecting the best placement for these cameras, you need to ensure that they are visible from all angles on your property.

A few of the best positions for outdoor security cameras include above entryways, on fencing, street-facing windows and more. Take note, the cameras should be within eyesight but high enough to ensure they cannot be tampered with easily. However, do not position them too high or you will end up with unclear footage, more so if the cameras do not have top-notch zooming capabilities.

2. Determining the best placement for indoor cameras

Unlike their outdoor counterparts that are primarily employed as a burglar deterrent, indoor security cameras are tasked with recording footage that will function as evidence if need be. Keeping that in mind, you need to choose positions that will make sure the security cameras get the best vantage of the rooms that they are monitoring. One of the best places to mount these cameras is at the corners of walls, as this minimises the risk of blind spots and gives the cameras lens a wide view of the room.

Since there are height limitations that you may have to contend with indoors, you may way to pair these security cameras with hidden cameras. Although hidden cameras are not as powerful as some indoor cameras, they do provide you with a backup of footage in case an intruder tampers with your primary cameras.