Two situations in which adding security cameras to your home would be a good idea

Here are some situations in which adding security cameras to your home could be a good idea.

You have a large home and employ a lot of people to maintain it

If your home is large and you need to employ several people to help you look after it (such as landscapers, a housekeeper, a pool cleaner, etc.), then you would probably benefit greatly from adding security cameras to your property.

First and foremost, these cameras will allow you to check that the people who do maintenance to your home are arriving and leaving at the times you've agreed upon, as the camera footage will ensure that you can see if, for example, your pool cleaner has formed the habit of leaving 15 minutes earlier than they should. Having this footage will allow you to clear up this issue faster, as they won't be able to deny that they haven't been completing their full work shifts.

Secondly, if any damage occurs to anything in your home when you're not there (for example, if after arriving home, you find a shattered flower vase in your hallway), the cameras will help you to clarify how this happened and thus ensure that you don't jump to conclusions and, for example, mistakenly blame your housekeeper for this damage because they happened to be in the house that day when the real culprit was your cat. This could help you to avoid upsetting the people who work for you.

One of your household members is ill and is now using the services of at-home carers

If one of your household members is ill and now has to use the services of at-home carers, they might feel safer if there are security cameras on the property. When a person is so ill that they need this service, they can feel very vulnerable, especially during periods when none of their other trusted household members is at home.

Whilst almost all carers are responsible, trustworthy and kind people, a sick person might still feel safer if they have security cameras in their home whilst receiving the help of these professionals. For instance, if their new carer turns out to be unreliable (for example, if the carer takes a long time to respond when the ill person asks them for some help), the security cameras will record this, and the ill person can use these recordings as proof of the carer's behaviour. They will be then able to quickly ask for the home-care company they're using to provide a replacement employee, instead of having to engage in an argument with the company because the unreliable carer won't admit that they've behaved badly.

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