Key Reasons Why You Must Have Video Surveillance at Your Residence

Installing a security system in your home really contributes to your peace of mind. It feels good to know that if someone tries to enter your house without your knowledge, you'll know about their presence by a loud alarm that is even powerful enough to wake you from your sleep. While the alarm is certainly helpful and adding sensors to your windows is also a good idea, you need to go one step further. [Read More]

A Guide for Placing Security Cameras Around Your Residence

While there are many components you can invest in to bolster your home security, from alarm systems to motion sensors, none are as effective at recording evidence of a crime or intrusion into your property as security cameras. Although they were previously associated with commercial properties and celebrity homes, security cameras have steady made their way into residential properties all across Australia. However, you should know that the effectiveness of your security cameras solely depends on where you place them. [Read More]