Tips for Selecting the Best CCTV Alarms for Your Premises

Security systems continue to evolve at an advanced rate, and homes/businesses are faced with the challenge of keeping up with the growing threats of burglars and other intruders.  As criminals continue to get more sophisticated in their methods, security systems also need to keep up with these new threats.

CCTV alarms are among the best in the industry at securing premises. CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) provides both surveillance and monitoring capabilities through a network of cameras that are installed in the premises. The cameras can relay video footage in real time or record it for later use. With a CCTV alarm, you get monitoring and a warning mechanism in case a threat is encountered.

However, it can be challenging to identify the right type of CCTV alarms for your premises. Here are several tips you can follow to choose the right alarm system for you.

  • Cheap can be expensive

A good idea is to invest in CCTV alarms that allow you to begin with an entry-level system and later expand to more comprehensive network. This is a better idea than going for cheaper non-brand cameras that will force you to replace the entire system when it is time to upgrade. Seek a flexible option first.

  • Identify your potential threats

It is important for you to know what areas of your property are vulnerable and need to be constantly monitored. It also helps to know what are the potential threats that you're likely to face.

If, for example, you have faced previous incidents of crime or break-ins on your property, you can identify where the break-in occurred and direct more resources towards that area.

The primary goal is to identify what you need to monitor closely so you can install the CCTV system in the right manner.

  • How would you like to be notified of these potential threats?

CCTV alarms offer a warning system when a potential threat is encountered on your premises. This can be a loud alarm to alert you or your neighbors, or a direct notification to a nearby security company.

When selecting CCTV alarms, identify the type of notification you would want when a threat is encountered.

  • Know how to position your cameras

With CCTV, camera positioning is everything. Make sure your cameras are placed in strategic locations where they can clearly capture relevant footage while staying out of plain sight of potential intruders. This can enable the cameras to catch burglars red-handed.